Wednesday, 21 May 2014

time of the werewolf part four

My face is dripping down with sweat. Fire was spreed around the room. I still to get to that sword.
A spark goes of in my head an idea of how to get that sword. It will take serious skill to accomplish. Lets try. My legs get ready three, two, one go. I jump into the air flip and
 land right next the sword

Thursday, 15 May 2014


 JIM                HAMTARO                LAS VEGAS              ELVIS PRESLEY                    BUDDHISM

I was hi in the sky staring into the clouds.I could see the sun going down into the hills. i was flying to
Las Vegas. i had been saving up for five years to see one of Elvis Presley performance .I've seen the adds and everyone loves him.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

the time of the werewolf part three

I am staring into the sky praying to God. "What should I do" I say to him. He replies with a stern voice "What you have done is not good. Go to Gronton and reclaim the moonstone. Your quest starts now."  I go into the mansion and see the werewolves decaying away. What have I done? I have killed the whole tribe. I must go now.
There is a sled outside. How did that get there? Maybe that's how I got to this place. Well it won't hurt to take it for a ride. I push off and go to Gronton. After three days of sledding my stomach is empty. I can hardly move a muscle. My eyes are fuzzy. All I can see is white and fog but my ears are clear. What was that? I'm looking around but I can't see anything because of my fuzzy eyes. There is cracking coming  from behind me. It's coming for me! I quickly push as hard as I can to try and get away from the cracking ice. Faster, faster as I go to the red stuff in front of me. Wait - could that be fire? If I can just get to it I might be able to unfreeze my eyes and see what is happening but I might have to speed up to get there in time. The cracking is getting closer and closer as I am going faster and faster. There is ice skittering everywhere from the back of my sled. My cheeks are wobbling so much it feels like they are getting ripped away from my muscle. Finally I get to the fire but it is on rock so my sled flips and I fall on the fire. My hands are black with ash all over my back.
A person walks up to me and says, "How did you get here?"
"Where am I?" I say.
"You are at Gronton," he replies.
I have made it ."Why are you here?" I say.
"I am the keeper of the moonstone".
"Where is it?" I ask quickly before any hesitation.
"Do you need it?" he asks .
"Yes, yes. I need it to revive a tribe.''
"A tribe of what?'
"A tribe of werewolves," I tell him.
"Well then, you will have to go through me." He puts fire around his body. I need a weapon to fight with, I think to myself. Then a shiny blade falls from the sky made of pure silver. "For you," God says. I go to pick up the sword but the moonstone keeper starts firing hot molten lava straight at me.  I have no chance unless I get that sword .


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

the time of the werewolf part two

i'm waking up in darkness with a bad chill tucked deep down in snow .i try to dig my way out but i couldn't move my arms they were covered in ice and shards hanging off my arm.i find a passage way out of my little ice den. i wriggle out to the top into a massive castle with ware wolfs crawling
around with blood on the side of there mouths . i must be next i say to myself . with shards of ice on the side of my arms i try to wriggle along the ground silently so the ware wolfs don't hear my escape . there's a huge door in front of me . the leader of the ware wolfs walks by with guards
next to him " get our prisoner,for dinner . my brain was over heating it was trying to think of a way to escape. my hands unfreeze so i make a run for the door .its my last chance of survival. 2 ware wolfs block my entrance. i pause and think of a way to get passed them . i can see a pole hanging above them i make a run and then jump as hi as i can .i reach the pole just ,and swing behind them they put down there spears and charge at me .my legs are putting everything into them for me to run from the spears shining on me . i can see something on the ground .its a weapon. my eyes can't go off it . i get closer to it .my arm reaches down as i run past and clasp it in my hand . i will not run away from a fight if i have a weapon . i turn around and charge at them my sword waving in the air .i can feel the adrenalin pumping through my body. my legs spring of the ground and i land just in front of one and put my sword up and slide under neath them slicing their stomach .their livers and stomach fulls out of there skin .the second guard turned around weeping for his friend  .i stab him through the heart you can both go to hell together .there is blood on the ground my blink what have i done .

the time of the werewolf part two

Sunday, 11 May 2014

The time of the werewolf

it was a cold and stormy night.You could here the howling of the mutated dogs on an edge of a cliff calling to the FULL moon .I'm snuggling in my bed with a hot chocolate by my side.staring into the sky.the moon is shining on my face. I couldn't sleep .i took off my blanket and walked into the lounge to treat myself to a cold drink of milk with Milo. shchschshc what was that I wonder to the door .The door knob is shaking .i stretch out my arm and turn the handle slowly .i open the door quickly but no one is there. still just the howling of the wolfs . i close the door and go back inside my house .as i tuck myself back into bed . as i drift off into the night i can still hear the sound of scratching on my door but i just ignore it and go to sleep.
at 12 o'clock in the morning i get woken up by a nightmare . it was just a dream i say to myself.but the scratching on my door was still going on. i get back out of bed and go back to the door to investigate .
as i open the door before i can blink i am knocked out and put in a mouth

to be continued ....