Sunday, 11 May 2014

The time of the werewolf

it was a cold and stormy night.You could here the howling of the mutated dogs on an edge of a cliff calling to the FULL moon .I'm snuggling in my bed with a hot chocolate by my side.staring into the sky.the moon is shining on my face. I couldn't sleep .i took off my blanket and walked into the lounge to treat myself to a cold drink of milk with Milo. shchschshc what was that I wonder to the door .The door knob is shaking .i stretch out my arm and turn the handle slowly .i open the door quickly but no one is there. still just the howling of the wolfs . i close the door and go back inside my house .as i tuck myself back into bed . as i drift off into the night i can still hear the sound of scratching on my door but i just ignore it and go to sleep.
at 12 o'clock in the morning i get woken up by a nightmare . it was just a dream i say to myself.but the scratching on my door was still going on. i get back out of bed and go back to the door to investigate .
as i open the door before i can blink i am knocked out and put in a mouth

to be continued ....



  1. creepy I wonder what will happen next

  2. I love your story it is friend ollie told me to look at this blog.